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    Default Tena Ultra Stretch

    Has anyone tried Tena Ultra Stretch?

    I've run across them online and am undecided on trying them.

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    I did... If memory serves... They were quite absorbent, but were too big for me.... They were a free sample..

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    They are ok, better than depends or a pull-up style adult diaper. I found that the leg gathers didn't hold as tightly as the normal cloth backed Tenas with velcro tabs. The capacity was slightly less as well than the normal Tenas, but they were still good for a couple wettings. Their biggest plus is that they are thin and discreet, and the single velcro elastic sides make them fairly easy to put on.

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    Are those with the single velcro closure on each side with the large ellastic?

    If so, I tried some pre-release sample. I hated them. The velcros would not stay in place and the diaper would fall off.

    Too bad, I liked the idea of a single velcro closure, like a baby diaper.

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