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Thread: Bambino vs Secure X-Plus vs Abena X-Plus (pictures coming)

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    Exclamation Bambino vs Secure X-Plus vs Abena X-Plus (pictures coming)

    Well in the chat room I told a people I would test Bambino vs Secure X-Plus vs Abena X-Plus and at the moment I do not have pictures yet. Due to some obvious issues it will take a little while before my final test conclusions are complete due to high absorbancy levels and time on my own.

    I will be testing Bambino vs Secure to see if its the same exact diaper or not. Everyone wants the rumor to go to rest so I will test these first.

    09/04/09: I have been in the bambino classico for six hours and the front half is only wet so far as of right now. I believe it alread exceeded the absorbancy levels that I know Abena and Secure have. The bambinos have exceeded my expectations, having tried their sister Secure X-Plus previously in the near past. The one thing that nags me as I said before is the plastic. I wish they can make it smooth like "butter". I like the waistbands on the front and hep fit well. I am wearing the medium classico bambino at the moment and will test the bianco differently as I've heard they have a bit more gel inside than that of a classico. So my scores for Bambino Classico is...

    1-5... 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.

    Bambino Classico:

    Absorbancy: 5.0 - The highest absorbancy I've tried through my years of wearing diapers. Though they are thin but wide crotched. When you first let go of a strema it starts swelling up and gets bigger and bigger as it soaks up. It far exceeded my expectations. The Abenas would have leaked on me by now. I've yet to fill it to potential and I know no diaper can be sat in after flooding. But I gave it a few minutes to soak up after my voids and sat on the diaper and have had no leaks thus far. With abenas I would get pushouts by this time in my experience. As I have another pack left out of a case I know their capacity now. Bambino Classicos are the best so far. (I will test bambino biancos seperately as they have a rumor of being slightly more absorbant than the classicos.)

    Inside Softness: 5.0 - The Bambino really outclasses a lot of diapers in this area. The Secure X-Plus diaper has a not so soft blue lining on the inside. The Abena is very close but not the softest I have felt. Nothing much to say about that.

    Plastic Backing: 2.5 I guess I over exaggerated the plastic feeling like sand paper. But compared to old style Attends it does ^___^. Though I'm glad its not cloth backing. It does crinkle a bit and gives me a smile when I hear it. If they can go to that type of plastic, I would be loyal completely.

    Fit 4.5 - To start I have a 36 - 38inch waist wearing Medium Bambino Classico. These are quite comfy except I think the crotch could get a bit of length. At the same time I like it cause it makes the fit more bulky like when dry and make you waddle nicely. Its even better when wet. They can also include waistbands in front and back which I love for snugger fit. I think they could include the leg elastic around entire legging of the diaper which leads to taping system that could use some change... If not a 3 tape system it could use a fixing of the bottom tape making the tapes wider and putting the bottom tape more towards the bottom of the flap of diaper. This would be 5.0 if the tape system was improved to one of those options.

    Look: 4.5 - The pattern is great but I feel they can put some blue in it with perhaps animals and such. They get a bonus for no ugly wetness indicators or weird prints of date the diaper was made or ect.

    Last words: I am typing this on a G1 phone and took awhile to type this up. (Rep for that? =P) I have been sitting in the same diaper giving it an epic battle. I continue to give all the torture I can give. It's still not leaked yet for 8 hours though I feel It will no longer be able to absorb anything more. It has been a great battle and feel honored for its courage =P. I shall make sure its done for when it leaks.

    (Will be continued...)

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    I still gave you +rep because it is a great review, but you seriously need to edit out the part where you ask for rep. It's kind of like asking your aunt how much money she is going to give you for your bday. Tasteless.

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