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Thread: Hit the jackpot!!!

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    Default Hit the jackpot!!!

    ...of diapers!!!
    Last month I ordered 1 bag of Molicare super plus, 1 bag of Molicare air active, and 1 bag of these really cheap diapers. Sooo, I received a box with the bag of super plus, and the bag of the cheap diapers, BUT there were no air actives in there. So the other week I e-mailed them asking were the rest of my diapers were, and they said they were out of stock, that they would ship in 3-5 days. Well, I got up this morning, opened up the door to find a big package sitting there. I opened it to find out they sent me 1 CASE of molicare air actives , nothing like getting a case of 90 diapers for the price of a bag
    Has this every happened to anyone else?

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    Good score - oh BTW to answer your question - Never.

    P.S. Still looking for your intro (hint, hint, hint).

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    They screed up.
    Never with diapers but I have had it happen with other things.

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    I got a double shipment of Bambinos once... Funny thing is that it came 5 months later...

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    I used half of a target gift card in Illinois, and when I used it in Wisconsin, it still read as full. I got $15 out of the deal. Not nearly as good as your score, but I was happy.

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    these little errors are caused by computer glitches that happen from time to time and they seem to be heaven on earth i had a receant experiance with my debt card and i got i swear 10 bucks extra

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    I get excited when I get a mistaken extra Mars bar out of a vending machine...

    But getting free nappies! That would be pretty neat.

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    Nice! I recently got about 3 cases of diapers at a local thrift store for $76! That made my day! Actually, that made my next couple months. They will last me a while!

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    I have a few times mailed back a product with flaws... like a hazelnut bar with shells it the chocolate, got back coupons for free ones...

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