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    Hey guys and Gals..

    I just recieved my package of diapers... i got a pack of molicares and a pack of Abena X-plus!!!! but they sent me the wrong size. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if so what can i do about it?? i think the size i have might fit me but i am not sure...

    i have emailed Gary about this.

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    XPMedical has some of the best customer service out there. Don't worry, you're in good hands. Gary will write you back, and it'll be fixed asap.

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    I'm sure it will be corrected... They may even let you keep the wrong size as shipping is expensive.

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    I have ordered from XP for years and NEVER had any issues at all. I am sure that you will be taken care of.

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    I've been ordering from XP since 04, you're in good hands, just email their customer service with your oder number. I only had that happen to me once with a sample pack, since it was a sample pack I didn't bother to tell them about it, never had any problems other than that. XP Medical is great.


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    I am pretty sure that you are in good hands.

    I, too, also wish to express my joy in ordering my FIRST packages of molicare, Abena, and Attends sample packs. After I receive my samples, I will decide which brands of which I would like to order in case sizes!

    Gary was pretty quick to answer one of my email inquiries this morning. (took only an hour!)

    So...for anybody who would like to know, the size of the cases are approximately 15x15x22 inches.

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