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Thread: When did XP stop selling plastic backed Abenas :(

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    Default When did XP stop selling plastic backed Abenas :(

    When did XP stop selling the plastic abenas? I was going to order some today and I see they're all gone. I want my plastci backed abenas

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    I just took a look, and it looks like they are still there. You have to look for the ones called "Original Style" with plastic backing. XP Medical - Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Adult Diapers That's the link where I see them. I'm not sure if they are out of stock or anything, it doesn't say that they are, but I didn't try to order.

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    Butterfly Mage


    They were out of stock on some items for a while but it's all there now.

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    Yar! They are still there! And I believe they shall stay... because they brought back the XL size... because of the demand for the plastic style.

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