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    Why does Bambinos feel like sandpaper on the outside? In my opinion I like shiny, smooth, crinkly plastic. I see it necessary that Bambino puts a better plastic shell on its diapers. It literally feels like I just ripped the cloth backing off of a baby diaper. I do not like this plastic covering at all and I believe none of us do so be a sport and let bambino. Know they need to make it right.

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    What are you talking about?


    They're perfect in my opinion.

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    The case I got in June has excellent plastic--smooth and soft, but thick enough to be strong. Granted it's not shiny and it's not all that crinkly, but that's fine by me. I prefer the quieter matte plastic anyways.

    Have they changed the plastic to something rougher since June, or does the matte plastic just seem rough compared to shiny plastic? I'm having a hard time imagining diaper plastic literally feeling like sandpaper.

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    I have a case of Bambinos I got...around the beginning of the year, and while the plastic isn't horrible, it's not the best I've had either. I agree that the shinier plastic is softer and nicer between the legs. I've said it numerous times on this site, but the ultimate diaper was the old Attends with solid blue tapes. The plastic on those was like butter. Amazing.

    I give the plastic on these Bambinos a 7 or so. Better than Abena as far as softness, in my opinion.

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    I was told it could be a defect or so. To me it feels like the plastic. On the goodnites boxers. Not really smooth at all. It has some little points throughtout the plastic. But it came in a sample pack with classicos and biancos so I don't think that its a defect. Maybe it was intended. I have tried secure x-plus and the plastic was nice back then. They changed it but there's no holes in it. I just wish for the old pampers and luvs plastic backing from back then. I. Hope they can manage to smooth it out in the future. Ill bee 100% dedicated cause absorbancy is unmatched.

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    *facedesk* The only problem I ever had with bambino was that I had one of the tape wings rip off completely, that could have been a user error, or a defect (no clue, I was regressed! I may as well have been high) But I never really had a problem other than that n.n

    100% loyalty.

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    I also had received cases in June and July of bambino diapers with a soft shiny smooth out plastic back sheet. The case i just received is disgusting the outer plastic is not comfortable at all. I even tried to buy two bags of the classico's hoping that they would still have the older plastic backing, and i was again disappointed. I will not be buying any bambinos until they fix it. I do agree that the old attends were king, but the best outer plastic belongs to ABU super dry kids diapers. Its shiny soft and smooth and crinkly, only problem is the thinness of their diaper, but i still wear them. I hope they go back to the old plastic soon.

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