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Thread: Anyone remember these PullUps?

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    Default Anyone remember these PullUps?

    Well this commercial appears to be from the UK, but this is what I've been talking about:

    YouTube - Huggies Pull-Ups - 1992

    These are the style of pull ups I was trained in and developed by love for training pants in.

    Anyone remember these or have any particular thought on them?

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    Not really, but I got a kick out of hearing the kid singing the little jingle with a british accent lol. I mean, it makes complete sense, but it kinda blew my mind to hear it.

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    No, never used pullups or any training pant for that matter.

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    I remember the US version of that commercial, all of it the same but an American kid singing, no differences.

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    I remember those, they were frickin awesome. Of course i didn't let my parents know that I liked them. Been so long though I forgot what they felt like. I just remember I liked them a lot.

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    Disposable training pants seemed to become available, or at least advertised, when I was seven or eight, so I was not trained in them. But I do remember the advert! I watched a few of them on youtube recently, in a nostalgic way, and I heard the American one. Sounded interestingly different to me!

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    I miss pull-ups sooooo much I guess it was because most of my early years in diapers memories were in pullups, and I wore goodnites all through my preteen and teenage years. But now my only option is diapers!!! I know there are a few kinds of those adult pull on briefs, but lets face it, those are not pullups, they are big ruffully adult diapers that suck worse then any diaper, and just scream senior citizen diaper!

    My one wish is that someone would make an adult pullup just like the goodnites, or pullups training pants, in bigger sizes, with a bit mor absorbancy, better leak guards and with cartoons or prints on them, I can tell you for a fact I would buy cases of them if they existed, and im pretty sure alot of other people would too. I mean of all of the adult diapers out there why wont anyone in the world make adult pullups?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scout View Post
    I mean of all of the adult diapers out there why wont anyone in the world make adult pullups?
    No real market for them. People who need protection don't want to be reminded that only them and babies and toddlers have to wear them.

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    I wore those for bedwetting for a LONG time like all the way to about 8. Also that is exactly why I liked Goodnites so much when I was getting back into diapers.

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