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Thread: Finally deciding to give back...

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    Default Finally deciding to give back...

    So long story short, ive been lurking here for something like two years and finally decided to join the party so to speak.
    I guess im in a rather unique situation compared to others on this site for the fact that i am first and foremost a cowboy. Yes a real life honest to goodness cowboy lol. I make my living riding, training and taking care of horses. I also start alot of colts for different ranches as well as check, gather, sort, and doctor cattle. I also ride bulls and saddle broncs in rodeos. I love to cowboy. I drive an F-350 diesel truck.
    For a long time i had a hard time coming to grips with my tbism mainly because, as a cowboy, im expected to be tough and hard. Its always been like that, ever since i was little. I was riding horses before i could walk so being a cowboy just kinda came naturauly.
    Now as far as diaper preferences goes i love baby diapers. My current collection contains Pampers Cruisers sizes 6 and 7, Pampers Baby Dry size 6, Boys Goodnites, Pampers Underjams, Luvs size 6, Huggies Pull-Ups Feel and Learn, Huggies Pul-Ups Nighttime, an CVS size 6.
    Ok, I believe thats enough about me for the time being. If you have any questions Ill answer them to the best of my ability.

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    Great intro Boots and a very much belated welcome! Don't hesitate to ask questions of your own, they will be answered to the best of our ability

    Hope you have a great time now you've decided to get involved!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boots View Post
    I guess im in a rather unique situation compared to others on this site
    Looks like a pretty interesting lifestyle. I have no knowledge of cowboys, horses, cattle, rodeos, or diesel engines!

    Hm... well either way welcome. "When I grow up I wanna be a cowboy!" I'm sure there are a few others around here who have an interest in this (but they are the wannabe cowboys!)

    What exactly is a Texas anyway?

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    A rootin, tootin, cowboy! That is a true rarity these days. Welcome, Boots! Although my dad was raised on a farm and Joined the U.S. Cavalry (1st Cavalry) as a pony soldier in the Washington National Guard when he was 14 years old, I never became comfortable with horses. Every time I rode one they would run for the nearest barbwire fence or or low tree branch or bucked me off etc.

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    Now doubt you are aware of Cris Le Doux and his stellar rodeo career and songwriting career; he penned the famous "Rodeo Song," popular some years back in these parts. (KISS the band can't play here this year because the Canadian Finals Rodeo is in Town, just as an aside.)
    So to welcome you here is "The Rodeo Song" - warning, strong language

    YouTube - THE RODEO SONG

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