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Thread: Diapered fursuiting?

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    Default Diapered fursuiting?

    What do you think on this?

    Would it be beneficial to you?

    Whould it scare you to know that someone was doing this?

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    I'm not a furry, wouldn't bother me if someone I knew was into it.

    It's like having a big, living stuffed animal.

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    ...Is the diaper inside or outside? It makes a huge difference...

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    Butterfly Mage


    I suppose if someone was dressed up like a great big stuffed animal, a diaper worn under the costume could be handy since such costumes might take a while to get in and out of. Big stuffed critters don't scare me!

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    Well I have heard of People wearing while suiting and such to help eliviate (spelt wrong I am sorry) the pressures of taking the suit on and off alot, but There have been some babyfurs who have worn on the outside to signify they are a babyfur, BUT!!! I find it nasty if they were to actually use the outside diaper while suiting the smell would be horrible and suits are a bitch to clean to begin with

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    Butterfly Mage


    I think I read somewhere about a "Code of Conduct" list for babyfurs at conventions. Basically wearing diapers is okay, but smelling bad is NOT okay!

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    all i can say is: better have a cooling system in that fursuit, or it's gunna get hot, musty and icky in there.

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    I'm not too keen on people wearing fursuits out when they walk around as it is. I guess if you're going to wear one out then you may as well go the whole nine yards... but don't smell bad.

    At conventions, sure. Go be weird. I'll be weird when I go to my first Comic-Con

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    here is Aforementioned List of Conduct:
    Great code of conduct! I will abide by those rules for my first furcon, where I am also planning on wearing diapers under my fursuit. I'll try it out the first day wearing 24hrs, and see how it goes after that, and decide on if I should wear durring the rest of the con. One of the great things is I am staying in a room full of other babyfurs, and ab/dl folks that are not furs, but like furs and wear diapers (I think). Should be fun!

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