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    I went to my first renaissance fair last weekend, and found these guys who were sword fighting with foam swords. It was a dollar to challenge a knight, and I did. He was really good and gave me a bunch of tips. I had to stop after a half-hour because there was a show my brother wanted to see. After the show, one of the knights recognized and told me to go to the sword tournament. He caught me just in time because the tournament started as soon as I made it over there. I ended being put against a guy who does this a lot and owned a variety of his own swords. I actually held my own against him and lasted a lot longer than every other fight so far. The guyís friends complemented me and said I did really good and suggested I join the club he plays at. Itís called Dagorhir, and it looks like so much fun. Thereís a tun of rules to make it really fair and fun. Iíve already started building a strategy that involves wrestling (thereís a section on wrestling rules, Iíll have to make some sacrifices such as armor, but itíll be worth it. Also, in order to play, you have to have a costume. You need a tunic with moccasins and fur leggings and cool stuff like that. Iím really excited for it all.

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    lol...sounds kinda cool. Were you at the Bristol Renaissance Fair up by Wisconsin?

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    Naw. It was in Illinois. I can't wait for this though. The first practice I can go to is in 9 days and I'm really looking forword to it. I've always wanted to get into something like this, I just never knew it's actually out there.

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    That sounds pretty awesome. I considered getting into something like this but I've got too many hobbies already and I heard it could be quite expensive. Also congrats on holding your own against him like that. You must be pretty good. I always love watching re-enactments and stuff - especially the combat. As a fencer the difference between sport combat and real combat is really interesting for me.

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    It shouldn't be too expencive sence I'm going to make everything myself.

    I love sport combat. No mater what kind, I love it. One of my favorites is the UFC (ultamate fighting). Me and my dad will watch that for hours. It's so much fun. Swordfighting with that guy was much the same as any other kind of fighting, which I talk a lot about with my dad. Judge your opponent and look for openings. My greatest move that kept me from loosing instantly was a simple stab to the chest. Fast, easy, effective, and requires almost no skill. I cannot wait to get into this.

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    I have a friend whose into that kind of thing. Except instead of foam swords they use ones made out of wood/metal/or bamboo. And they wear replica armor (or sometimes hockey body armor). Apparently every summer a couple thousand of them travel to Pennsylvania to have this big "war".

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    I had a friend who was into the wooden swordfighting. He did it with about 50 others illigaly in some park once a month. The rules are simple, you hit the other person and if they decide to cheat you hit them again. If they go down saying they're dead you have to option of leaving them, or you can wack them untell they're not getting up tell the next day.

    Needless to say, I refused to go with him even though it sounded like a blast. Dagorhir sounds like a dream come true.

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