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    so yeah.. I have been a member of that site since 2005 and I have contributed over 2 gigs worth of pics to their archives. Recently they added a "credit system" that gives you a daily allowance of bandwidth to use(replenishes daily)... so I log on, after not being on that site for a couple of days and my credits are in the negative numbers!

    Normally my credits are capped at the max 3000 per day due to my longevity of membership on the website.... now I cant even freaking post on their forums asking why the hell this happened!

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    Weird... I have been a member a while too, and receive 3000 daily credits...

    Change your password? Maybe someone found it out and is using your credits....

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    This happened somebody else too.
    It goes negative when your pics are deleted.
    If you put up pay site pics, thats why. Recently they have been deleting a lot of pay site pics, and that will give you negative credits, since technically you are not supposed to.

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    "Please don't post too much on our website. We don't like interaction."

    ...not that I've been there.

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    yeah.... so if they start deleting paysite pics....they might as well delete the entire site!


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