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Thread: Favorite Firefox plugins-autopager

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    Default Favorite Firefox plugins-autopager

    I'm a big fan of browser plugins and I'd like to share some with those that might not know they're out there. Also if you guys know of some really good plugins let everyone know! (yes I use adblock plus)

    First one I have is Cooliris which is an image loader, great for google image searches. You'll really just have to look into it to see just how cool it is. Second is Greasemonkey which is really just a tool to help other user generated scripts to run for expanding images or threads on older style BBS's.

    Another couple tools are download helper which is really useful for getting videos out of your buffer (no download link but you still really want the vid). The other one I use mainly for images called DownThemAll which is easily setup to download just about any type of file while dodging ad banners and sticks them all into a folder of your choosing.

    The main reason for this thread is for a plugin called AutoPager. Basically it loads up page 2 while you're still looking at page 1, when you scroll down you'll see a thin page break and then the second page below it. Certain websites work automatically however for ADISC I had to make a set of rules for all the boards, now if someone knows HTML or XML or w/e it is (I'm not a software guy) then you can finish the missing part.

    The missing part is that when you're looking at a thread with more than one page the extra pages will not load BECAUSE the URL includes the thread title, if someone could figure out how to dodge that in the URL pattern then that would be the missing link, or just flat out replace all my templates with a single one. I haven't published the template yet because of this.

    I'll attach the txt version and anybody can rename it as an XML and import it to autopager. I encourage someone to look at it, scan it, make sure its bug free as a second opinion (my machine is safe and virus free but wouldn't you want someone else to agree before you try?).
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    Cool plugin. I made my own half-assed attempt at making one for this site (I can't say I know what I'm doing, never heard of it before today). I've attached it -- it seems to work for me, but can't say I've tested extensively.

    EDIT: Scratch that. It was working, but I must have changed something . If I'm bored later I'll try to fix it.
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    Oh dear god, just saw the test link. Whoever that was did a good job of hiding a button inside two others plus the link but gah! I'm glad I didn't watch the whole thing.

    Yeah the test link prolly works because it includes the URL. I appreciate the attempt especially at a late hour. The rule without the URL doesn't work, I didn't test the other one on that other thread *shudder*

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