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Thread: I am beat!

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    Default I am beat!

    I have done what not too many 17 year olds have done before. Today, I worked a 15 hour shift. I worked 0 hours at my regular job and 5 at my 2nd job.I am really beat, plus on top of it in the past 48 hours I have only gotten 10 hours of sleep. So, I am going to go to bed, lol.

    Once school starts I will be going to school 5 days a week, plus working 3 jobs,not counting my websites and 2 other businesses I manage. With everything combined I will be working 6 jobs. This is going to be interesting. So, including school(homework added in) I will be working a total of 75-81 hours a week.

    This is really going to put my physical and Mental state to a mighty challenge. But, it is all in the name of success. Hopefully I will be making $300+ per week.

    Not much point to this post, just my next massive battle in my life. I had no time for socialization before this, the next 3 months there will be almost NO socializing But, I will try to manage it all.

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    75-81 hours of work/school with no socializing or rest is a bad thing.

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    God...I remember when I thought $300 a week was all the money in the world. How times change.

    Now I bitch about only making $20 an hour at the job I start next week.

    Of course, when you come down from $35 an hour, that's a valid reason to bitch. lol

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    For a while I was pulling anywhere between 12-16 (one time at 16.5) hour shifts at my old job. I didn't have much else to do, so I had no problem with it really.

    Did it on a Sunday too... sweet sweet penalty rates.

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    I am melody! Harmony called in sick.

    I've applied at several places and couldn't get the job. Be glad you have a job! Enjoy your sleep as much as you can.

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    You should get a lot more than $300 a week.
    I make that and I only get $8.00 an hour, for 40 hours a week...

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    I get that when I work 30 hours a week. 300 a week really isn't that much for all the work you're doing.

    I was doing that for a few months when I'd had both my jobs. I'd work 7-4 at one, then 5-9:30 at another, and other combinations. It was pretty stressful and tiring. So I quit one, because I wasn't performing to the best of my ability, which would have jeopardized both of my jobs.

    Now that I'm in school full time, my hours have went down to about 20 per week, which is fine with me, I need a social life, too. :P

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    I know $300 is nothing, I wish I was making $600 a week, that would be sweet! I did get a lot of sleep lastnight, so I am up for another long day. But, if it is not enough, soon Mnt. Dew and Monster will give me the strength to continue through the day.

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    Bleh... Monster will start to lose it's kick after an hour, and I don't drink Mountain Dew...

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