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    I'm my roommate/girlfriend's mommy. When she's comes home after school at college, she is spanked for pretending to be a big girl. I take her to the nursery where I diaper her and then to the kitchen for her afterschool snack & drink, my breasts.

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    umm yah right. Please don't make up stories in your introduction.

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    To the OP:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Rules
    1.3. Do not make creepy/annoying comments about your kinks.
    You definitely could have stopped right after "I'm my roomate/girlfriend's mommy.", and it would have given us the same amount of useful information.

    It also would have seemed much more believable than what you've posted now.

    There's a nursery at this college? Even if there was some sort of program involving children young enough to need a nursery, the resource wouldn't be adequate for someone of an adult size, and it's very likely that it wouldn't be allowed anyway.

    To the other posters:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Rules
    1.1. Do not purposely insult, offend, ridicule or bully other members.
    1.2. Avoid any posts that could potentially cause drama...

    1.7. If you correct someone, do so politely, constructively, and with tact.

    3.1. When voicing criticism, or an opinion which might be interpreted as criticism, do so in a mature and helpful way. If the criticism gets interpreted as a personal attack on the other person, then you have probably made a mistake.

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