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    I've been a member for about a month and am finally getting around to an introduction. I found this site using the Internet and plan to be a supportive member for a long time.

    My hobbies include writing, reading and cooking. I'm a published author and am working on a third book. The first two were not commercially successful (and written under a pseudonym) but I believe the third will be a success due to the fact that it's about Microsoft and exposes their lies and secrets.

    And speaking of Microsoft, no doubt you have noticed my anti-Microsoft stance. I worked for them for 3+ years, had some unpleasantness and now despise the company. More information is available on my personal home page (listed under contact info on my profile).

    That's about it. I appreciate the opportunity to being a part of this community.

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    It is interesting to think what could have been were the business model not founded upon deceit (Seattle Computers), anti-trust issues (multiple, but we can cite the EU/EC lawsuits), and under-handed dealings and theft (inclusion of Stacker in DOS, etc.)

    Aside from the above, they're victims of their own success. But, of course, the above items are NOT the kinds of things I think we should encourage and aspire to.

    My own stance is that they build good hardware, hire terribly bright folks for their research division, and run a software gulag and impose this on EVERYONE.

    Good luck with the book.

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    Welcome aboard fmcasey and good luck with the book.

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