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    with so many members on here, it seems that most any question anyone might have has been asked so if this one has been asked, I'm sorry. is there anyone here that is or has been fortunate enough to work from home. if so, how often do/did youe wear. if not but you were presented with the opportunity to work from, would you take it and how often would you wear, as for me, yep, I'd take it and wear as much as i could.

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    I was working pretty steadily from home for over a year. It didn't do much for my wearing habits. For the most part, work and diapers are a different part of my brain. I think it might have made it easier for me to wear at night having such a short commute. That's about it.

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    I would love to work from home... Not sure how often I would wear, but I would wear when I felt like it.

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    would love to work from home... and yeah, it would probably increase the time I spent in a diaper...

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    I recently started a job where I can telecommute. Generally people telecommute one or two days a week, but I'm still new so I've been doing it a little less. When I'm working from home, I'm diapered. But, I'm also diapered when I go to work. So, I guess it's not a big difference. The real difference is what I wear over the diaper. At work it's jeans and a belt, but at home it's usually pajama pants.

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