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Thread: Proper Fitting Of A Diaper

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    Question Proper Fitting Of A Diaper

    I have purchased both medium and large from Bambino and wanted to get an opinion on what size I should order now.

    I'm a waist size 38 and the mediums fit tight and cut into my legs which is slightly painful in the groin are due to my large butt. When I put the mediums on 1-2 tapes will stretch slightly. The top of the medium diaper rides at the same level or just slightly higher than normal underwear/tighty whities do. The large size can be taped easier and ride almost to my belly button. I am concerned that if I go with the large that they will sag when wet and cause a leak, I have used the mediums and never have had a problem with leaking.

    What do you think?

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    Lose 10 lbs. and the Mediums will fit like a glove. I was in your same position a few months ago, lost a little weight, and now Mediums of all sorts are beginning to fit me properly.

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    I am in the middle too some brands fit good some dont

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    I've never had good diapers, just wagreens brand/baby diapers, so I'm not sure how valuable this is but I'm going to say it anyway. I've always gotten med/small because I'm very skinny. They fit just fine, but they always leak. There's nothing I can do to stop it. Normally I stand in my bathroom and let it leak on the tile floor then clean up, and after a while, the diaper wont leak tell the next wetting. Well, just today I accidentally bought a case of large diapers, and they're huge on me. BUT, it doesn't leak. I flooded my first one and it didn't even come close to leaking while normally it's a sure thing. My suggestion would be to go a size up and just tape it tighter.

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    I'm 6'0 270 pounds and the mediums fit me like a glove...ever since I started going to the gym, though, they are much more glove-like. It's a consideration. Hell, you may not even lose weight at the gym. I know I haven't lost more than a couple pounds. But the inches you lose around your waist, legs and belly could make all the difference.

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    Just wanted to post an update to this thread. I need to exercise but thats work and I'm lazy.

    I went ahead and purchased the large size and they fit me fine.

    On last two mediums I had the plastic split in the rear and that was a pain, but I caught it early and luckily didn't have anything to clean up.

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    I think you're taping them on too tightly. Also, try doing the bottom tapes a bit higher up.

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    38" is well within the medium size range (32-44"). A large may be a bit big at 45-60".

    I'm also thinking you may be taping them on a bit too tight. And if you're placing the bottom tapes very low, that will make them cut into your legs. I had the same problem with Bambinos; I was putting the bottom tapes too low and they were cutting into my legs. Red marks and all. Place the tapes up a bit and angle them upwards. Makes a nice seal but isn't so tight.

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    Seems to me that medium is the proper size for you.
    I'm a size 38 and medium xplus and molicares fit me perfectly.

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