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Thread: Probably nothing, but...

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    Default Probably nothing, but...

    The past 2 nights I have woken up wet. I wore a diaper the first night it happened, so I was covered there. I woke up and found that my Attends was about 65% full. I wore one the second night "just in case" Again a wet diaper in the morning.

    Should I be concerned is the over all question here. Has anyone else had something like this happen to them?

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    It could just be the whole process of puberty. It can sometimes effect the body so that enuresis occurs. I'm no doctor (not yet at least) but that's my two cents.

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    I am almost 18, I think I am finished with puberty. I am thinking it might be stress related.

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    Could be stress-related, sure....even so, if it continues, you may want to get it looked at. I know as an ab/dl it's probably fun for you, but it could be a bad sign.

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    You should consider yourself lucky! There are some people here that have been working really hard to start wetting the bed unintentionally again!

    But really, it could be stress related, then again it could be Dr. Wedbetter who replied first...

    I'm no doctor but if it really starts to be a constant problem, you may want to seek medical help.

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    When ever there is a major change in one's physical state, one should be concerned. Having this much stress may show itself in other, very unwanted ways. My senior year on college resulted in a psychotic break, so I would see a doctor before things got out of hand.

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    If it happens too many more times, you will want to consider medical help. It's probably nothing, but it's good to check and be sure.

    Of course, if you wet every once in awhile, that's pretty...I wouldn't say normal, but it's not that serious.

    But yeah, get it checked out if it continues.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    I'm not sure why everyone is so surprised about this.

    If you wear diapers a lot, especially to bed, you might start wetting the bed. It happened to me and someone else I know. If you want it to stop, just stop drinking anything several hours before you sleep and don't wait until you feel dead before laying down. It should stop within a few days or so.

    If it DOESNT, then I'd head to the doctor just to make sure you don't have diabetes or something.

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    i'm not a doctor but i think that if you are wearing diapers quite a lot, you could be getting used to wetting whenever you like so your body may register that you are wearing a diaper so may allow you to pee during your sleep.

    like i say, i'm no doctor but i'd try a night without wearing a diaper and see what happens becuase it could be completely psychological. Lets us know how it goes

    good luck

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    I don't think your body "unlearned" your potty training you got when your were a baby. I agree with the others here that it could be another medical problem. I suugest you talk to your doctor or see a urologist.

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