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Thread: Any way out of this?

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    Default Any way out of this?

    So, I moved to toronto for college. All good so far. I didn't make it into residence because of a massive fuck up with some employee at the fax place who doesn't know how to do her job, so I was forced to use alternative housing. I found a place that seemed perfect, and, best of all, it clearly listed "No lease" in the ad, so I could move out if an opening in residence ever came along.

    I get down to toronto, go to the apartment, and my new landlord hands me the lease he wants me to sign. Of course, like an idiot, I signed it because I had nowhere else to go. Tricky guy. Worst of all, the lease is for 12 months. I finish school at the end of april. That means I have to pay him an additional four months of rent, even though I'm moving back in with my parents for the summer. That's $1600 gone from my bank account. Oh, plus the rent for august of this year which he made me pay for too.

    is there any way I can get out of this without being sued, having my credit destroyed, and ruining my life? Because I don't have a spare $1600 just lying around!
    Isn't there some sort of termination fee that I can pay to break the lease?

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    Threaten to sue him and do it quick. If you have the ad and its advertised with "no lease" then you should be able to get out. As for the signing thing, you're young, you CAN just say he pressured you into it and you weren't sure what you were doing, which sounds like the truth. And yes that does work.

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    Thought so. yeah, the ad doesn't exist anymore.

    This guys a real gold digger too. I just looked up the address of this place, and it's listed as a three bedroom place. I have four roomates. He converted the living room into a bedroom, and there's someone living in the laundry room in the basement.

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    look into what it is listed as in the city ie(single family dwelling, etc) Look into housing laws in Canada as well, you could sue him for housing violations or something. BUT, If you are an American citizen, once you leave college you can just leave the country and he cannot do anything to you. My uncle did that once and The owner can't touch him.

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    There has to be some kind of a lawyer available to you for free, I would check with a lawyer and see if there is some way out even if it cost you a few bucks it would be worth it.

    Is the a canadian form of public defender or maybe the ACLU available for you.

    here it is

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    I wish I could be of more help, but try this web site:

    Ontario Tenants, housing and tenant rights information, Toronto Canada

    They look like they know what they're talking about.

    Edit: Why would the ACLU get involved in a housing issue? Just curious why you recommended that. I may not know something you know.

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    Hey, wait a second. What if I just got myself evicted or something? That could work, right? Like, if I just refused to pay rent next month, and he kicked me out?

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    He could sue for damages, then. Or potentially fuck up your credit.

    Renters do background checks, as well. You may be unable to get another place in your name for a while.

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    Find a free lawyer consultation in your yellow pages. But most importantly, you need to find that ad.

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