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Thread: So ya wanna try a baby diaper.

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    Default So ya wanna try a baby diaper.


    For those who are NOT in the know, here ya go.

    Pampers Baby Dry 6 is the BIGGEST(best fit) baby diaper out there.
    Significantly bigger than Cruisers size 7.
    Much bigger than Huggies Supreme.

    Can't get LUVS in Canada so don't know about them.

    I'm a 30 waist, 32 hip and 150lb and I have no prob fitting into the Baby Dry 6.

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    I think GOO.N Bigger than Big is the largest baby diaper...

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    BabyDry and Luvs are identical in size, because they're both made by P&G. I've bought both (size 6) and compared.

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    BabyDry and Luvs are the same size.
    However, the tapes on luvs are a little less stretchy and are more likely to rip off. It doesn't really make a difference though. Luvs are much cheaper.

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    If a company like Bambino took basically the same machine for a Secure X Plus to make their diapers, why can't somebody take a baby diaper machine and quadruple its size to make Adult Pampers?

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    Honestly, I think he's right.

    I've been on a strict regiment of diet and exercise since summer began, and I can see how I might be able to fit in small sizes eventually. Every time I try, the tapes get a little closer. Little by little, I'll get there. I have some size 7's. They aren't as gigantic as people make them out to be. Maybe baby dry size 6 can compensate for hip size. Only time will tell.

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    If i'm ever rich and i'm able to put away some money, i'll be the one to make Adult Size Pampers 10(S), 11(M), and12(L)

    Those numbers because Pampers Might make a Size 8 to accommodate bigger babies. :3

    Let's see if I make it to med school, because i'll have a legitimate interest and business proposition

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    I can't see the big fuss over baby diapers, I have tried them and they suck big time, why would you want to wear something that just about holds 2 wettings and then leaks.

    Yes they may look cute, but for my money cute dosn't cut it when it comes to diapers, you want cute go for a nice thick cloth diaper and oversized plastic or rubber baby pants now that is cute and they work for more than 30 seconds.

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    It boggles me how the Baby Dry 6's can be SO much bigger than the Cruisers 7"s
    Just doesn't make sense.
    I know that they shrank the whole Cruisers line to accommodate the 7's but why not make them atleast the same size as the 6"s.

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