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Thread: military furries??

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    Default military furries??

    im a army fur just wondering if there are more out there somewhere :P

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    If you're an army fur and are thinking about making your furry suit (or having it custom made for you consider using Kevlar, or at least out of material that is an Iraq sand compatible color so you can bury/burrow yourself into the sand for camouflage.

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    Thank you for all you're doing! :3

    Babyfur in the army - would make an adorable picture. XP

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    My dad was in the army. I'd never go the military though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdeadx View Post
    My dad was in the army. I'd never go the military though.
    Yeah, I wouldn't either; just not my thing. I serve my country in other ways, but I still appreciate all of the soldier's service to our country

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    it not too bad its got its ups and downs but i would not recommend it to anyone:P as for a furry in bdus i have thought about that with a fursuit but gotta add a skirt somehow :P

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    I'm planning on going into the army as a regular rifleman Or going in and doing the training to become a medic.

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    hate o play the devils advocate but.. fursuits in the ARMY... am i missing somethng here or are you guys... i meean do you guys WANT to get hazed? as i understandthat it happens...

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