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Thread: New to cloth diapers

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    Question New to cloth diapers

    I'm considering investing in some cloth diapers for when I move into a flat with my girlfriend next year. (She knows, my flatmates don't). Right now I usually wear Molicare, but I want to try cloth. I think I'd like to get prefolds, because I like the idea of the folding and pinning. What else do I need, and do you know good places to get it? I know I need plastic pants. I want to wear maybe once or twice a week, and I don't mess. I can buy online and get things shipped to me in the states or in the UK, but I'd prefer to have it shipped to the UK. Easier to hide from my flatmates than my parents.


    Thanks guys.

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    I have cloth diapers that I wear on a fairly regular basis.

    I would stay away from pre-folds... too much of a PITA... as fun as pinning one on old-skool style sounds.

    I have two pullup style cloth diapers that are very comfortable and absorbant. They fit snugly... don't sag when wet... and are easy to change.

    I also have two really thick velcro cloth diapers. They are really nice. You can adjust them as much as you want... it's really simple. I would definately reccomend them.

    Also... an important thing is plastic panties. There are several different brands out there... but remember to always get them atleast one size bigger than your diaper... gotta have room for the extra padding.

    The great thing about clothies is that if you need more absorbency you can just add layers. You can go as thick as you want... provided you have plastic panties that are big enough to cover the whole thing. It can be kinda fun.

    The downside to clothies is:

    1: They are very hot... you sweat a lot in them.
    2: When wet they stink and need to be washed ASAP. If you put them in a pile with your other laundry... everything will smell.
    3: You will get rashes easier with cloth b/c they do not "lock" the wetness away like disposables do.

    Personally... I like them when I need a change-up from disposables.

    Most everything I have I've gotten off of e-bay. PM me and I can give you the names of some reputable and honest sellers that have quality products.

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    From my personal experience (which isn't much), buy the pull-up style. I've tried those and velcro, the pull-up style seemed to fit better and were much more comfortable.

    Check out this site

    I was very happy with my purchase.
    Hope this helps

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    I've never used cloth diapers, but you can easily make your own, if you have even moderate sewing skills and access to a sewing machine. See How to Make a Diaper in the wiki.

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    I've thought about asking my gf to make me some... but the ones I've bought are really nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ayanna View Post
    I've never used cloth diapers, but you can easily make your own, if you have even moderate sewing skills and access to a sewing machine. See How to Make a Diaper in the wiki.
    i think i might try that. I have no skills with the sewing machine though!

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    LLMedico has some really cute cloth diapers and plastic pants, and I think the plastic pants are pretty reasonably priced. The cloth diapers seem expensive (yeow, I think they've gone way up since I got some) but the prints are cute, and if you plan to substitute cloth for disposable pretty frequently you will save money in the long run. Before you spend a ton of money, though, I'd try using a towel or an old sheet or something to create a makeshift diaper just to be sure you really do like that feeling (make sure to stand in the bathtub when you go.) Note that a real cloth diaper is way better than any of these things, but that should at least give you an idea about whether you like the feeling. Like Darkfinn pointed out, they are more upkeep but the big difference is that you can really feel when you are wet.

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    I do not think I would like using cloth, but with the plastic panties they can look super cute. I would say go witth daria's idea, because they are really expensive. It would be a shame to invest all this money then not like it. Just make sure you use a peice of cloth that is not important to you or anyone else lol.

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    adultclothdiaper is a good site for them.

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    i started out on trads and all you need is a towel....and placky pants and pins, of course
    adding to that, i'd recommend using a 'liner' (just a piece of thin guaze which helps the skin, feels sliky and prevents skids on your 'nappy' ). liners were used as the norm, back in the olden days, but most people seem to have forgotten all about them and i'm not even sure if Mothercare still sells them, but......the actual material is available in other guises from garden centres: anti-frost sheets/membranes. it's the same stuff, just in big sheets, which is better cos, being bigger than a baby (just guessing that you are), you can cut it to size; the bigger the better, usually.
    since i'm wearing one right now, i'll also divulge another little tip: a 'one-way liner'. this is basically just a filter type membrane, as used in various household appliances. i was using these way before Pampers & co figured it out for their earlier not-so-gelling diapers.
    these liners are available from B&Q as 'ground-liners' for ponds (before the waterproof membrane is laid - to stop it getting nicked by stones and twigs) and something else which i can't remember right now. it's the same stuff as is used to line coats, but a bit thinner, if that helps. they also come in sheets which you can cut to size. it'll add a bit of bulk without the weight and feel comfier when sitting.

    i've got one those 'fitted' diapers (american) and i've got to be honest, it's pretty dire for absorbancy. easy to put on, but made from the wrong material (cloth, not towelling) and requires the use of pads for functionality.

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