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Thread: Music video sighting!

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    Default Music video sighting!

    I don't know if anyone has ever seen the Jane's Addiction - "Mountain Song" video, but it has two girls dancing on stage wearing a disposible diaper and tank top. It is AWESOME! They show them 3 times I believe. Here's a link:

    Mountain Song | Jane's Addiction | Music Video | MTV

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    Good song, too. I've always liked Juana's Adicciones, though I don't really "follow" them that closely.

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    Butterfly Mage


    That's pretty cool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaNei View Post
    Freakin' Awesome! :bouncy:
    Agreed... Jane's Addiction kicks ass

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    What's that one old song, back when it seemed like DPF was the only site, it was a music video featuring a Fred Durst looking character and all these girls in diapers.

    All I remember is that they're in like Mr. Rodger's house having a party in diapers with puppets I think, and the lyrics are like "We're gonna shoot the shit... something something"

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    Awesome find, I love Jane's Addiction, Perry Farrell is an alternative rock legend and a sweet photographer too!!!

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