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Thread: Holding it vs. little at a time

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    Default Holding it vs. little at a time

    Do you hold it and wet all at once? or do you let out a little pee at a time?

    (couldn't find it in the search)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Codybear View Post
    i go whenever i feel i gotta go.
    same, but there are those sometimes i hold it without realizing it, get up and it just floods the diaper

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    I flood. It feels so much better then being all self conscience about it. ^-^

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    I usually flood the first time but once wet I dribble a little all the time.

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    I just go when I go. Sometimes it seems to be just a little, but sometimes I pee a lot at once. I don't "hold it" very well, so I guess a little at a time more so applies to me.

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    I usually hold it until I have a full bladder, then let loose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    I usually flood the first time but once wet I dribble a little all the time.

    second that. but its more of a whenever I need to go I just do.

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    Usually I go little by little, as I like to slowly get wetter and wetter, plus the diaper holds more that way, but sometimes I just wanna let loose and get soaked and maybe even embarrass myself if I want a leak. So I chose both.

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