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Thread: When diaper shopping, do you usually go for quality or quantity?

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    Default When diaper shopping, do you usually go for quality or quantity?

    Generally speaking, which do you opt for? Quality as in high-value, more expensive diapers, quantity as in more diapers for your buck.

    I usually go for the quality of diapers, at least when I can. How about you?

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    i just go for whatever i know works ^^

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    I usually go for quality when I can.

    I don't wear extremely often, and I'd rather have a good diaper (and less to hide).

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    I go by this: It is not the best because I own it. I own it because it is the best.

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    I used to just get whatever I could find, but now that I'm older and have the means I prefer the best I can get.

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    I definitely go for quality. I have the chance to wear so seldom that it doesn't cost me a lot anyway, so why cheap out?

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    I buy quality diapers in huge quantities. This way I can avoid having to restock too often!

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    I'll go either way. I kind of like to have a few different types on hand. Generally I'll have a stash of the top of the line in absorbency, and also something thinner, like a depends or a pull-up variety, depending on the mood i'm in.

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    I hate to be a smartass, but I do both. I like to have an ample supply of premiums on hand (and on my butt), as well as a good supply of store brand in my stash. I wear the premiums when I'm out and about in public (or If I want to treat myself at home), and when I'm not in public, I'll use my store brands cause I can change as often as I please.

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