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Thread: Local Gas Prices

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    Default Local Gas Prices

    Just a thread I thought would be kind of neat to see everyone's gas prices where they live. After all it is a pretty hot topic all over the world right now. Unfortauntly it is expected to reach an all time high this summer!
    So just post your average gas price for regular gas around your area locally, or you can post the range. I will post both for me.

    As you can see in my profile I am from Maryland, and where I live average gas price is about $3.20 a gallon, and can range anywhere from $3.15 to $3.30 as of right now.

    Unfortauntly my car can only take premium gas so I am paying about $3.50 a gallon, if not close to that.

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    I'll try to snap a picture of the signs at a local gas station tomorrow. Easier than explaining things


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    Around here its 3.50 or so, although my car only has a 5 gallon tank, so it costs me 20 bucks to fill up.

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    The last time I filled up it was at $3.05, Its ridiculous that they are that high (the ones above and mine) and I burn through gas since I drive to and from school each day, which sucks, but it could be worse so I am content I guess...


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    1.09 for petrol over here in good old Midlands, UK, for a litre, so ~$2.2/litre, which if my conversions are correct, makes it ~$8.33/US gallon. Lovely. Which is also why I walk to work.

    Diesel is even worse, @ 1.15/ltr, ~$2.30/ltr and therefore ~$8.70/US gallon!

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    $1.47AU per litre.
    So $5.55AU per gallon, or.. $5.07USD per gallon.

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