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    Default the robot invason...

    check out this video on^scitech^3933 89&mkt=en-au&brand=ninemsn&showPlaylist=true&playlist=videoB yUuids:uuids:363eb122-7be8-4c26-bee8-7a4f77b1b549

    if that doesnt work heres the link to the article

    for those whos internet sucks its of a new robot called BigDog, its a quadrepedal robot whos stepping motion is, for lack of a better term, eerie, it looks like... a big dog, or more a pony/ mule but you get the idea, it even maneged to r-stablise itself after someone kicked/ pushed it in its side, sending it stumbling, then it manages to stabalise without falling over.

    trust me, it looks like a movie.

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    Oh no! The robots have evolved and have now achieved the power of stepping carefully!! Good gawd! It's only a matter of time before they become self aware!!

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    Quick lets program them to kill now! Give them free thought!

    public void destroyWorld(int ohNoes, int ohShi){
    ohNoes = 1
    ohShi = 0

    if(ohNoes == 1)
    else if(ohShi == 0)
    System.out.print("HOW THE HELL DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN!??!?!?");


    Kill them with the awesome power of java! :O (or lack there of!)

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    Oh Sh17 Zombie Vampire Kamakazi Ninja Robots Are Next!!!! Were All Gonna Die!!!

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    Haha... I was just watching that video a few minutes ago. It's awesome and creepy.... and also hilarious when it starts slipping on the ice!

    Not the first breakthrough in robotics/computers/AI recently either.
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    I don't think it looks creepy. It's almost... prancing about. It must have a well developed self-importance module.

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