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Thread: fighter pilots and diapers

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    Default fighter pilots and diapers

    well, i saw that someone beat me to it, talking about how astronauts wear diapers or, diaper like underwear. but i thought i would talk about fighter pilots and their need to use the bathroom.

    originally, fighter pilots didnt need to worry about using the restroom in flight because their flights werent that long. however, as time went on, flights got longer and pilots struggled to stay in flight for long periods of time.

    Pilots first used to hold their bladder for long periods of time, causing discomfort and eventually leading to incontinence . the air force first tried to solve this problem by giving the pilots a cup to pee into. this, however, required the pilot to unbuckle his seat belt, and remove his jumpsuit. doing this, has caused two reported crashes. one of them was caused by the seat belt catching on the flight stick.

    soon after, the air force started using catheter devices, which was painful and uncomfortable. this did not work out so well.

    then, a company invented this thing called the piddle pack. this was a bag with a zipper that the pilots could pee into and a chemical in the back would turn the urine into gelatin. these devices also cause conflict with the uniforms as well as with females.

    since females were becoming more common pilots, they needed to use a funnel to aim the urine into the bag. the difficulty of this task prevented pilots to be able to use the piddle pack. other ideas were soon developed.

    the newest idea was the oldest invention. the conventional incontinence device, or diaper. pilots had no problem wearing one, since it was either that or pee your pants. the diaper was a common replacement for the piddle pack, since most pilots did not want to use the device.

    finally, a company called Omni medical systems created a product called the AMXD (advanced mission extender device). this product closely resembles a pair of boxer briefs. this has a cup for guys and a sanitary pad like design for females. it also has a unit that is about the size of a vhs box. it controls the pump that forces the urine into the collection bag. the whole unit costs about 2000USD and is still being tested and hasnt been released to the whole pilot brigade, pilots are still wearing diapers for their bladder needs.

    in the end, most fighter pilots these days, as manly or strong as they might be, still wear diapers. people need to know that we DLs just want to be more like our war heros in the air force and wear diapers.

    (i am sorry that i dont have dates of inventions and what not, it isnt a commonly talked about thing. its like, why dont people in tv shows ever have to use the restroom .


    Urine collection device - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Omni Medical Systems, Inc. | Products
    Home General How Do Fighter Pilots Go To The Bathroom

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    Default Oh

    Oh wow

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    Could you please remove the [color="black"] tags from your post? It causes the text to be black-on-black for users of the dark skins. For the light skins, the text is black by default, so it is unessecary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baby jester View Post
    in the end, most fighter pilots these days, as manly or strong as they might be, still wear diapers.
    Female pilots wear diapers. All (or almost all, anyway) male pilots use the piddle packs.

    Large bomber aircraft (the B-1, B-2, and B-52) all have a toilet onboard. Fighter aircraft generally aren't in the air long enough to make bathroom needs an issue, other than when they are initially being deployed from the US to a distant location.

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    first it sound like she did more research than you ^^^^
    anyway i have several family in the military including two that have flown planes and yeah there is some LONG flights plus the pact that they have specialized planes so they can fuel up other planes to keep going. so they have to use diapers. but i never herd of peddel packs or that holding it can cause incontinence.

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    Is it really bad to hold in your urine too long?
    We’ve all done it- holding it in on a long car ride. But, this practice can have negative effects on the body:

    • Urinary tract infections- these can be caused by retaining urine too long

    • Overflowing bladder- can create a higher risk for a bladder infection because it cannot flush out the waste

    • Urinary reflux- if the bladder overflows, urine can go back into the kidneys

    • Kidney failure- can be caused by urinary reflux

    As you can see here, holding in urine for a long time can snowball into health problems. Incontinence FAQ

    so i would say it was not a good idea to hold your bladder for too long.

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    Ya know, this is really none of our business. For the most part, these folks have nothing to do with people who are incontinent, severely disabled, aged, infants, or AB/DL. They do what they must in order to perform their duties while at work. As for me, I will prevent myself from being kicked in the skull by some angry, cocky pilot and avoid confronting them with that question entirely. Thank you very much.


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    Speaking of Canadian female F-18 pilots prancing about waving their depends disp undies in the air, and of piddle packs...

    And anything to do with diapers is of interest to many of us; including using them as workplace gear, as with divers, astronauts, pilots, possibly miners... Many of us enjoy seeing or thinking of others in them; and many fetishists have a thing for feeling confined: tied up, in rubber scuba gear, gasmasks, space suits...

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    As an aside, donning the ever reliable DEPENDS undergarment was momentarily discussed but instantaneously dismissed. We were all in agreement that the image of a downed Navy fighter pilot in Afghanistan, paraded in front of the cameras on CNN, wearing only DIAPERS would only serve to heighten the fighting spirit and resolve of the Taliban and al Qaeda network world wide.
    Thanks, Raccoon!


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    Default Err...

    What if they have to shit?

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