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Thread: Wan wan! Bark bark! Hi!

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    Default Wan wan! Bark bark! Hi!

    Hi, I'm Hushpuppy. I'm a babyfur/adult baby. I am very new to alot of this. I find the infantile aspects give me comfort. Being cared for feels nice. My girlfriend is my "Mommy" when I feel like being a child C:

    I found this site through Sila. She linked it to me when I was in a Babyfur IRC room and I asked about acquiring a small amount of diapers to try out. She linked me to a thread on here about obtaining free samples. I'm still in the process of obtaining my first ones.

    I hope I can learn more about infantile things and the likes while here!!
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    Hi Hushpuppy! Welcome to ADISC, it's great to see more furs on the site. Your avatar is really cute :3

    Good luck with finding diaper freebies. Unless you find a good deal, diapers are not usually cheap these days (but then again, what is?) so if you're able to get some for free, that's a steal.

    Feel free to ask questions, hope to see you around on the boards

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    hehe, I'mma girl =P but yus, welcome to adisc! Pop into our irc, you won't be disappointed ;D <3

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    Hi there; best of luck with the free samples. Many med supply shops sell singles, for the budget-impaired.

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