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    Default Kees here.


    I am Kees, pronounced somewhere between Kays and Case. It is a Dutch name.

    I am 18 (6/30/91) and am an early college freshman. I don't have a major yet, but will probably go for political science, then law.

    I have dual U.S. and Netherlands citizenship, having been born in New York City while my father was assigned there. I have lived all but two years of my life in the U.S.

    My parents are now U.S. citizens, in private business, and live in Idaho, and I'm nearby them.

    I like most music, except Dixieland jazz and barbershop quartet. I play the piano and clarinet and oboe. I like to read and I like to express myself through writing. I ski, bike, golf, play tennis and other racquet sports.

    I am a diaper lover, but not a baby. I've known this forever, and have participated forever. I use my diapers. I'm a member of this community as much as anybody else is.

    I am gay and might have a boyfriend, but I'm not sure. I favor gay marriage and the separation of church and state, two unpopular stances where I live.

    You can ask questions of me if you wish.

    Thanks. Kees.

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    Hi Kees and welcome!

    What kind of stuff do you enjoy reading? What's your favorite band?

    I agree with you on the gay marriage stance completely. I hope things work out for you and the other person. If you have any questions about the site or navigation, feel free to ask. See you around :3

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    I'm keen on harvesting all the information I can about the Netherlands, especially contrasted against the USA.

    Perhaps at some point we could catch up in PM/IRC around this topic?

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    Very good intro; interesting that most people, when they claim to like all music except something, the something tends to be rap, metal, or country, in that order; haven't met someone who before objected to dixieland or barbershop. Cool.

    I hope you do in fact have a boyfriend; even if not, be glad of whatever dating/sex you did manage to get done.

    And yay for dual nationality; can come in handy.

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    welcome to the site hun. i use to be just a diaper lover aswell but the more i searched and such the more i found this side of me, a cute babyfur.

    nice ot find another person that playes the clarenet, i use to long ago, i still got one but i need new reeds for it now.

    what kind of books are you into??

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    Thanks for the views and responses.

    About the book questions, I like history a lot (especially U.S.), biography and memoir (especially political), some science (usually a survey of a topic), and fiction (but not science fiction).

    Living where I do, it's easiest to shop and buy at Amazon, and I look forward to their recommendations to me, especially fiction; if I'm wasting time on the net, it's usually there where I'm doing it, looking through the suggestions and all the other things that pop up.

    About music, I think barbershop quartet and Dixieland are so cloying, self-aware and "cute" that I can't stand to hear them. They just set my teeth on edge. (So, I'll probably get a roommate with 3000 downloads of that stuff, and be charged with murder before the year is out.)

    Hope this is useful.

    Forget that I said the roommate thing. And anyway, if I got a jury of my peers, I'd go scot-free.

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    Welkom naar ADISC!
    (my knowledge of Dutch doesn't extend much beyond that)

    Enjoy your time here and make many new friends.


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    I was just working on a new dixieland arrangement of "New York, New York" to play for you - guess I'll work on a Yiddish Klezmer version instead. You play clarinet and oboe? Vastly different embouchure. I do love woodwinds.

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    Welcome to Adisc! good seeing some one support gay marriage.

    I used to play the trombone 2-3 years ago, are you in any bands?

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    Diapered Rabbit: Thanks. I forgot to add klezmer music to my list. A BIG oversight, too; it is clarinet torture.

    Nick: I'm not in a band. I learned the instruments in middle and high school. I haven't picked one up since I graduated. I still practice the piano, though. But only for pleasure.

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