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Thread: Concerts?

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    Default Concerts?

    What, when, and where all have you seen?

    My first concert was Drowning Pool and Saliva in the summer of 2006 in Springfield, Missouri... Twas a kickass show... Drowning Pool played "Cowboys From Hell" for their encore... That was the best part of the show...

    I saw Chicago last summer in Fort Dodge, Iowa... It was really lame... We left halfway through... The opening band was better then they were...

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    Eagles Steve Miller Pablo Cruise Brewers stadium,
    Nitty Gritty dirt band free concert in the park in Boston,
    Peter Wolf & J Giles Band with Head East ft Myers
    Billy Joel quite a few times in Scranton
    Hall and Oates Scranton

    There are the only ones I can think of, they may have been more, just can't remember too much about them now

    It was a looong time ago, lotsa smoke and drink in between.

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    Oh man. Too many to list!

    So far this year:
    Madonna, Britney, Lady Gaga, All-American Rejects, Boys Like Girls, Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Dave Matthews, Phish, Kiss Concert (many, many performers), Jason Mraz, Forever the Sickest Kids

    Coming up:
    Blink 182, Billy Joel & Elton John, U2, Kings of Leon

    I'm kind of a concert freak. My friends love it as I often buy extra tickets and bring people last minute. It's fun to put up the face book status of "(act) concert tonight, who wants in?" Thankfully my friends aren't violent or they would've killed each other off by now. :P

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    this year:

    metallica, bloc party, placebo, röyksopp, the prodigy, oasis, 2many dj's, limp bizkit, katy perry and maybe a few others were I was either not near the stage, or too high to remember wich group it was...

    all of em were at rock werchter 2009

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    I saw Finger 11 last night, but it was lame, so I went to the beer tent instead.

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    Many many bands, too many to list. The most recent was Green Day - very good show. The best show I've seen was Oingo Boingo, circa 1986.

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    Well, I'll be seeing Muse in october. Other than that I've never seen a concert, go me.

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    Default Tori Amos and S sun

    Tori Amos (those in the East Coast), Stef Sun (Singapore)

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    I saw the Beach Boys back in 1979 at Aloha Stadium while I was stationed in Hawaii. I also saw them again in 1986 here in Fort Wayne but it was just not the same as it was in Hawaii. I also had a chance to see 3 Dog Night last week and they were great and brought back a lot of music memories.

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