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    I had to post this and hope someone out there appreciates it as much as I do.
    I think I’ve mentioned that I am part of a startup riding group that is a hybrid
    between an MC and an RC. We are a science fiction/motorcycle enthusiast
    organization chartered through the AMA.

    One of the hybridized things about our club that strays from traditional RCs
    is that we have an undefined time as a perspective member. During that time
    the probate is under the charge of a sponsor and the sponsor is responsible for
    his probate to the point of sharing in disciplinary actions with his probate.

    This is designed to create a bond between the probate and sponsor, a respect
    and trust, which should last well beyond the probationary process, and I saw
    evidence of this in my old probate recently. Cypher has been a full member
    for a while and looks at me as more of a brother than an authority by this
    point, but the respect still garnered baffles me.

    We were kidding around with each other and since he has yet to bring his
    new girlfriend to any of our events I started referring to her as his
    imaginary friend. His response was appropriate and respectful as he said,
    “Screw You, … Sir!”

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    In response to someone who took this as a serious post.

    I believe you may be missing the point of my post. It was a tongue in cheek
    recounting of a real event. I was quite amused by the reply and have told
    the story several times. I think this is one of the best lines I've heard
    in several years if for no other reason than the ambivalent nature of the
    statement. Also that this guy is not confrontational by nature and one
    of the things we’ve been working on is being able to stand firm in his
    convictions rather than allow his thoughts to be overshadowed by anyone
    else who happens to be in close proximity.

    In other words I thought it was quite funny.

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