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Thread: Needing to find new roommates

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    Question Needing to find new roommates

    My 2 non-diaper wearing roomies are moving out by the end Sept. I need to find new roommates help cover cost of rent and bills, but I am wanting to offer it to other guys who enjoy wearing and using diapers like I do. To have an openly diapered home. I am in Springfield Mo, and even if this doesn't apply to you then please spread the word of what I am looking for Please I appreciate it.

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    I doubt you know this but this really isn't a site where you just post random ads as your first and so far only posts. We know nothing about you so far. Also AB/DL people are rare so I think it might be hard to even find two let alone one willing to move in. Plus all 3 of you have to have compatible personality otherwise there would be a lot of hostility in the air, not to mention it would stink, a lot.

    Perhaps it's better not having diaper roommates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Perhaps it's better not having diaper roommates.
    You have to admit though, it would be pretty cool living with other diaper people. I mean, if you were actually friends with the people you were living with, (prior to moving in). But in some ways it would stink

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    This thread is not appropriate.

    You would be very lucky to find somebody here willing to move in with a random person from the internet.

    The only thing people know about you is what you've posted here, which is not much.

    And making 2 threads, in two different forums... that's just tacky!

    If you want to be a member here, post a greetings thread and contribute. This is NOT a site for personal ads.

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