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    Hi I wa wondering if anyone knew of a daddy or mommy near the south dakota area I could hook up with. I am looking for more of a roommate situation but i would like someone who does not mind changing diapers and doing a little baby stuff like pacifiers and such. I am not very big into the ab stuff. I am at a point in my life where i feel i nedd this. Any help is appriciated.



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    Hey, I might be wrong, so please correct me if you wish, but this is the impression I am getting...

    I imagine, from what I've read in this and a couple of other posts, that you are having a tough time with the change to your life and, forgive me, but you don't sound completely sure what you want or need.

    If your not 'very big into' the AB stuff, having some one baby you a bit and change your diapers for you, may be a bit intimate and at your young age, not something to rush into, in my opinion. Not that I've tried it myself, nor do I know you or what you need. But I wonder if there might be different ways to get what you need and a 'Mommy' or 'Daddy' is just one option, but there are other opinions. Now excuse me a moment for going a bit 'Dr Phil' on you, but what is it you (and others) achieve through being babied? In my very limited experience, it is the feeling of being cared for, security, being taken seriously, having our needs taken seriously etc. Think about what it is you really want or need, and then if a 'Mommy' or 'Daddy' really is the answer, then alright. I'm not sure you'd find people by posting on here though, because people would have to share contact details etc. But I might be wrong. Certainly though, get to know people around here by chatting and posting, as you already do, and this forum will be a great support to you, no doubt.

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    Are you looking for a relationship with someone, or just someone to take care of you?

    For me, the idea of being taken cared of is pretty important. It's not just something that I want want to do with just anyone. I don't understand these people that pay to get babied. I feel like that totally defeats the purpose. But, just my 2 cents

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicky View Post
    For me, the idea of being taken cared of is pretty important. It's not just something that I want want to do with just anyone.
    I would tend to agree with Nicky here. Care taking (?) is a very intimate thing. While I do find the idea of meeting other people with similar interests intriguing, it's more so an effort to find others on common ground rather than finding someone to "play" with. I think that if that is where it leads, it goes with getting to know someone and developing some sort of relationship, friendship or otherwise. I think you may get a better response if you perhaps look for someone local that may be interested in diapers rather than diapering right from the get go. This doesn't strike me as a site where people are actively looking to "hook up", so maybe a different approach may help you sort out some of your interests with the possibility of your being able to partake in them with a new friend.

    And that's the bottom line, 'cause maxprime said so!

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    This isn't a dating site. Please read the rules located at the top left of the website.

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    As said, this site is NOT the place to ask for information on finding care givers...

    Try a personals site, or other AB site that promotes this type of thing.

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