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Thread: America's Pastime: The Revisit

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    Here is the original version of the topic at hand, but since this current MLB season is closing in, what is your feeling about MLB now in late August?

    In April when I originally made this topic, I wasn't as intrigued with baseball as I am now, especially since my team (Yankees) is tops in the MLB.

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    Go Red Sox!

    My feelings have not changed: hockey is my life, but baseball is easily the runner-up.

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    I'm a Cubs fan, so things aren't good for me right now....there's a very slim chance the Cubs could miraculously make the play-offs, but it would take a very strong run.

    I also like the Rays, so I'm hoping that somehow they can squeak into the playoffs as well.

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    I am also a Cubs fan and it looked like back in April that this might be the year. But now at the end of August they are 9 games back inn the Division and 6 back in the Wild Card race. So their chances are slim to none right now. So Go Phillies and anybody but the Yankees.

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