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Thread: Found old Red&White Depends in Waterloo, Ontario

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    Default Found old Red&White Depends in Waterloo, Ontario

    For those who might live around me looking for "classic" diapers.

    I was in PharmaSave in University Plaza and saw 3 packs of Large depends in the red and white package.

    If you go buy them, drop some off with me :P

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    Go buy them and sel them on e-bay.... You will make a huge profit.

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    Pfft. I don't know about that. Anyone paying more than the standard price for a pack of diapers on Ebay most likely knows that Depends suck, classic or not.

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    Believe it or not I have seen "classic" depends go for around $60.00. Their loss your gain.

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    People buy classic pampers for tons of money knowing the won't fit. It's not the fact that they suck, it's that their classic. :P So I'd do that.

    I'm about 3hrs away from Waterloo, so it's not really worth it. :/

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