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Thread: Anyone have tips for Guitar Hero?

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    Default Anyone have tips for Guitar Hero?

    Hiya peoples, I'm having trouble playing any guitar hero game on hard mode.. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me?

    I think the reason I have trouble with hard is because my paw is so tiny.. Which is good for somethings but apparently not guitar hero T_T...

    So... Tips anyone? Pwease?

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    Just keep trying and trying! I kept on practicing and could finally do it! I just cant beat this one song on hard now, its called 35 & 75 i think, its on 7 Live in japan

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    So then no tips? I'm trying my hardest but I'm wondering how other people play hard because I can't hit the orange button... As soon as I do hit the orange button I lose all other positions and end up losing the song....

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    Try using the controller and not the guitar xD its alot easier, thats what i do.

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    Than you're more of control hero instead of a guitar hero...

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    It's called Guitar Hero, not Controller Hero

    Here's how I learned; Most people try to stretch their pinky finger over to the orange button, but I learned by moving my whole hand down one button set...


    Most people have their first four fingers in this order:
    Green, Red, Yellow, Blue.

    So, when an Orange note comes up, I move down one notch, making it in this order:
    Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange.

    Or sometimes, if it's just one Orange note in the whole fret board that's visible, then I just stretch over my pinky. I've tought myself to do that.

    Anyways... my method takes some time to coordinate yourself with, but it also probably the fastest, and more effecive (especially on songs like Cliffs of Dover, One, and Through the Fire and Flames.)

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    OR you could for the same time and effort play a real guitar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    OR you could for the same time and effort play a real guitar.
    I already play bass guitar, not well but I'm self taught... So I do play an actual guitar lol

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    I like your idea mm3, I was trying it before but I get alittle lost in the buttons I think and then I freak out lol

    btw, I love your avatar mm3

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    I own a Jaguar HH . Fenders ftw!

    I love playing around with pedals. It can keep my ADHD satisfied for hours on end!

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