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Thread: When You're Depressed, what do You Listen To??

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    Default When You're Depressed, what do You Listen To??

    I'm this has been covered before. But what songs do you like when your depressed?? When I'm having girl problems 9/10 why I'm depressed I like these songs.

    YouTube - Smile Empty Soul - With This Knife (Lyrics)

    YouTube - Red - "Never Be the Same" 2009 Innocence & Instinct

    YouTube - Teeh - Fuck the Bitch

    Those are my top 3 fav

    But I'll jsut put these into a youtube play list. An jsut repeat them all night long

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    Lots of different stuff. Most of the stuff I've been listening to lately (though I listen to it when not depressed too, just not as much). Mostly angry/sad songs.

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    Anything by Loreena Mc Kennitt, but I like her music when I am not feeling sad, too. Strangely, I also like listening to ' Aphrodite's Child ' and ' Metallica ' when I am depressed.

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    I often listen to Sarah McClaughlin when I'm feeling depressed. Sometimes I go as far back as early Simon and Garfunkle. It dates back to when I was a college student and had a suicide card from my shrink. If I felt like killing myself, the card had his phone number. I never used it. I didn't like him and if I was going to try again, I would have without his intervention. Life is difficult, and it helps if we talk to our friends and find support from the people who have meaning in our lives, and who we love.

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    Default My Music

    Tori Amos, Kate Bush, that sort. Chinese Pop.

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    The saddest music that I can think of at the time. The last couple of times I've been feeling really depressed that's been Greg Weeks. I sincerely urge you all to get a hold of his albums in whatever fashion you want to. You can check him out here. I suggest listening to the song titled "Made".

    Other common artists when feeling blue: Bright Eyes, Okkervil River, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Death Cab for Cutie and Kent (Swedish band).

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    When I'm upset, my choice in music is far more varied, and different to my usual choice.

    My Chemical Romance
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Led Zeppelin
    Jeff Buckley - Hallujeh (spelling probably wrong)
    Guns N Rose


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    Beck's "Sea Change" album is a popular one. I like instrumental stuff like Leo Kottke's "6- and 12-string Guitar" too. No words to get caught up on.

    Songs by Elliott Smith can get me pretty close to offing myself in a depressed mood, so I save those for special occasions.

    If I want to reverse a depressed mood, I'll generally listen to stand-up comedy or one of my funny radio talk shows. If I can just make myself laugh, I know I'll be okay.

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    my music taste is strange when im depressed, its alot like when im not depressed although i usually listen to one song over and over again. usually its sea sick by something for kate or boston by augustana. i find both bands are great at making me more down though so if i want to feel better its usually stand up comedy dylan moran or something like that.

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    I hate to say it, but when I'm depressed, I usually put on my big hoodie, Converse and skinny jeans, then I go and listen to Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, and System of a Down. I'm such a whiny emo kid on the inside, and I love it!

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