does anyone have a net book these days? i have a dell studio laptop that is very fast and efficient, however i want a pc for school. that is why i am getting a netbook. i am planning on getting a Toshiba nb205-n310. i got to play with one of these in Staples and i think it has the best keyboard of any netbook. plus this netbook will run for nine hours which means i wont have to take a power supply to school.

By the way, our school has really good wifi but you cant get on it without the county having your mac address in its database. the SSID however, is not password protected, which is nice. how do you get wifi at school? simple, you spoof your mac address to look like a school computers mac address. unfortunately my laptops NIC (network interface controller) is too good to spoof so i have to use a USB NIC which sticks out of the laptop. im hoping that by getting a netbook with just a simple 802.11 b/g i will be able to spoof it like my old laptop.

what are your thoughts about netbooks? are they worth the money? what would you get?