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Thread: im back (maybe)

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    Cool im back (maybe)

    well, i am back. i never officially left, but i stopped posting a while ago. for those of you who dont know me, i am the guy who likes to give you the advice from a biblical viewpoint. i am not judgmental and i dont dislike homosexuals, however, i believe that it is wrong (just not my place to judge). i believe that a lot of people here would not like my views but as i hope you all will except mine, i will except yours.

    i am a huge tech guy and i love to talk about computers and photography as much as i can. i think that we should have a computer help forum (if there isnt one already, i am kinda lazy and dont want to check). I might not post much in any other forum other than the computer forums.

    also, i am into bdsm. i really like the idea of being owned by someone and having to please them (unless they are my mother). i am into diapers, but i dont really feel as strongly about them as i did before. as for being a TB, i love my blankie and my pacifier, however, i dont normally suck on my binkie because i wear braces.

    one reason why i returned was to check out who all lived in my area. when i first joined, nobody was from VA, now, it seems like there are a lot of people, which i think is awesome. i actually met my girlfriend (and hopefully future wife, hi lizzie, if you are reading this) on this site. to give an update, i went out to the mid US and saw her this summer for a week. we shared our first kiss together. so now i hope to find other people in my area to talk to.

    maybe another reason why i joined was because i have this really annoying mother who loves to go through my room and snoop through my things. they know and i saw a therapist for a while but that didnt do much. in fact, i have a crazy story to share with you guys about how my parents found out (it involves some baby print underwear, the FBI and a UPS store). I love to write, so maybe i will turn it into a story and spoof it up a little bit.

    If you are really not the type to read long posts like this (i know im not), i hope you atleast read this last paragraph. i am glad to be back, i have been getting the newsletters and i saw some pretty interesting things in the letters. i hope this will give me a chance to interact with other teens my age that have the same "strange" feelings as i do.

    thanks for your support

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    Welcome back! It really didn't feel that you were gone that much.

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