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Thread: Things you *love*, but others around you seem to hate.

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    Default Things you *love*, but others around you seem to hate.

    As a continuation of mm3's thread; Here's the complete opposite.

    Naturally, I'll start!

    Smokers (because they make me fell twice as good for trying to quit)

    Week old potato chips (I like it when there's some resistance when I chew)

    Emo/Screamo music (because everybody has a whiny 14-years-old somewhere inside them)

    Apple computers

    Movies that are trying to be arty and hard to understand just for the sake of being that way.

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    Health food


    Diet sodas


    Foreign stuff

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    Vista. I've never had any problems, and it is an improvement over XP.

    Wearing diapers (defining everyone as "the whole world" as opposed to adisc)

    The matrix reloaded and revolutions.

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    Mondays -- the only way to start a good week is to start Monday the best way you can, so why not look forward to it?

    American Idol!

    Writing essays.

    The Joy Luck Club.

    Nightwatch and Daywatch.

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    Being singel, with not a care in the world, 2 seater cars, and working on my cars....

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    To the OP: ...we could never hang out. lol

    Most of the music I enjoy.

    B movies.

    Many of my sexual proclivities.

    ...most of my friends. lol

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    WWE Wrestling... Shut up, I know.


    Pop music.

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