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Thread: Why are kids in such a rush to grow up?

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    Default Why are kids in such a rush to grow up?

    Anyone here in a rush to grow up when they were kids? If so, why?

    Some kids are in a rush to grow up. I bet lot of them are because look at their shoes and clothing and underwear. All mini adult clothes. I even notice it in toddler clothing. What's changed?

    When I was a kid, kids in my school were in such a rush to grow up. I saw 5th and 6th graders wearing make up when I was in 4th grade and kids in my grade thought they were too old for dolls and toys and too old to do jump rope and stuff, so all they wanted to do was chit chat which I found boring. Sometimes they do jump rope but most of the time they wanted to chit chat. One of my friends still played with dolls but she denied it in school.

    Why is it that kids are in such a rush to grow up? Could it be because they don't like being told what to do and they see how grownups can eat whatever they want, go where ever they want, watch whatever they want or go to bed whenever they want and they want that same right so they maybe figure if they act grown up, their parents will treat them like they are older?

    What if grown ups stopped telling their kids what to do like go to bed, take a bad, what clothes to wear, etc. maybe they won't be in such a rush to grow up and they will enjoy being kids and not trying to act all grown up. But then what good would that do, kids aren't capable of making the right choices so parents have to do it for them. They help their kids make the right decisions growing up and understand the consequences of their choices so when they reach a certain age, they get more freedom because they are old enough to understand the consequences of their choices they make. Like if they stay up too late, they are too tired the next day to go to school so they are capable of understanding they need to go to bed early so they get a good nights sleep and they won't be so tired in school the next day. Or if they wear the same clothes to school, kids will think they are a nerd and stuff so they know to not wear the same clothes everyday or else they get judged.

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    Hmm, I never saw it like that. There was definately that desire to grow up fast so adults couldn't boss you around, but no one was really in a rush.

    If anything, I think we're forcing our kids to stay kids against their will. Everyone's so caught up in this "childhood is a time for innocence, so they should be forced to act like kids", that they forget to ask what their kids want.

    We're growing down. You can see it everywhere. Just 50 years ago kids were allowed to be all over town and in the wilderness without parental supervision. Kids got scrapes and bumps and bruises because they were outside so much. Nowadays, if you let your kids grow up like that, people will crucify you. Mass media plays a huge part in this. We watch the news and read the newspaper, hear/read reports about kids getting hurt and killed, get scared of things like child molesters and "The Scary Outdoors", and would rather our kids play on the computer, inside, where they can be at arms length at all time of day. Doesn't just pertain to kids either, it's inching upwards in years to teenagers. I have a friend who, at 18, isn't allowed out past 11, isn't allowed to drive on highways, isn't allowed to go out if he's already gone out once during the weekend.

    In my final year of highschool, when we decided to go on a field trip for Enviro Studies, we were told that, opposed to previous years, we would not be allowed to carpool to the destination. Even though many of us were 18. They said it was for liability issues. The school was so scared of getting sued by over protective parents that they disallowed us to do something that everyone did every day anyway. I don't blame the school; these parents really need to mellow out.

    There's such a difference between the kids of the western world and kids elsewhere in the world. Whereas people here think their kids are made of porcelain, five year olds in rural Mongolia pile wood, fetch water a kilometer away, and do other chores. Here, we give them leashes, fence off their playgrounds, ban playground equipment (because they could potentially fall and hurt themselves). We're trying to protect our kids so much it's having a serious impact on our society. It's ridiculous. We're so concerned with wrapping them in bubble wrap we're forgetting to teach them harsh realities about the outside world.

    So, maybe kids are in a rush to grow up, but maybe that's a good thing because parents are trying to hold them back and keep their "babies" for longer and longer every generation.

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    I notice parents are more over protective over their kids these days than when I was a kid but they were still in a rush to grow up when I was growing up. I mean if parents are so worried about their kids being abducted, why don't they just do their fricken jobs by taking them to the park and watch them play or take them out trick o treating and supervise them when they play outside like all moms are supposed to. Parents don't need to be outside when their kid is but they check up on them every now and then or listen to them play. Kids will try and get away with breaking rules thinking they won't get caught but good parents find a way. The lazy ones don't and they never bother checking on their kids or listening to them play. That's why we had so many mean kids on our block and got away with it because their parents were so clueless and too wrapped up in their own worlds. They also believed their kids' lies simply because it was easier for them than being the bad guys. My mom said they were lazy parents.

    PS I did run around the neighborhood by myself and rode my bike alone but we were not allowed to leave the neighborhood. We also had to tell our mom where we were going and if we wanted to leave the yard, we had to tell her. Our mom wasn't too paranoid or else she keep us glued to her yard (not literally) and not ever leave us alone.

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    As experience as a former child and working with children, they just grow up so fast. When you see 4th graders talk about Robot Chicken and listenin to 2Pac. It is just natural for children to want to be older due to its perks and benefits and its natural to regret your childhood as an adult. A part of childhood is wanting to grow up and sometimes the situations that some of these kids are in influence how fast they grow. I was a very childish kid that was very inactive in sports and clubs and enjoyed watchin TV and Legos. In my school I would still be playin around seein my peers talkin about their first sip of beer and their first dro. Since I grew up with the influence of Aspergers and in a very structured environment for me I just took a while to grow up. But living in a rough neighborhood, these kids have nothing to blame. Just need to cherish the days. Go listen to Wu Tang.

    Even though that it technically fits in off-topic, I can see this topic being moved to Mature Topics as it does provide and insight for mature and extensive discussion.
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    When I was a kid, and that was a long time ago, i wanted to grow up and have all the privileges of adulthood. I was a motor head, and so I wanted to drive. We were all into sports, so we also wanted to be big strong strapping men. By the time I was in college however, I so wanted to go back and be the kid I once was. I think it's the natural order of things.

    There is the paradox of it all. Parents admonish their kids and tell them to "grow up" when they're mad at them. But like Chillhouse said, they over protect them. When I was a kid, we were all over the place, riding sometimes 50 miles in a day on our bikes. We got into plenty of trouble and got punished for it. Today, you never see kids out on the streets. Parents think it's too unsafe.

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    Well Im sort of in the middle a bit I wish I had my youth, but the person I love is 18 and won't date me until Im 18 so I feel like Im in a rush to grow up and at the same time stay young.

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    It's quite an interesting paradox, especially for our crowd here. One thing that I think is a major subconscious factor is that kids want to display to everyone around them that they are mature on some level. They are constantly reminded in some respects that they are second class citzens, you can't do can't do that. It's not just in a way of breaking the rules either. For instance as kids age they get interested in things like deaths in the family, family finances, relationships, it's all essentially part of growing up. It's a good thing to be interested in these things, I for one learned the value of a dollar that way. But it is an interesting paradox because the more I look back at the responsibilities I had then and I have now, I feel I squandered my time like most or at least could have abused it better . I still haven't found that quote as I thought it was brilliant...something like "don't try to grow up so fast as you can't go back." Could never be more true, things I say I'll do "tomorrow" never seem to happen nearly as frequently.

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    As a child, I was most certainly not in a hurry to grow up, but my parents and society , in general , encouraged and pushed the notion of ' growing-up ' as soon as possible.

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    I've wanted to grow up fast, and to be honest, I still do. Things like financial freedom, being able to control nearly every aspect of my life, and finally starting to do things that I want to do, are the main perks.

    Being a kid is like being a prisoner, in a way. You can't do *anything*.

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    I was in a rush to grow up, and I don't regret it, at all.

    I like the privileges I have now. I agree with what Chillhouse said, and I'm lucky my mom wasn't like that when I was growing up. I was, and still am allowed to do whatever I want within reason.

    When I was younger I was allowed to sleep out, have friends over, go almost anywhere I wanted, as long as my mom knew. I think I was 14 before I was allowed to go to the mall without my mom, or a friends mom, but that's about it.

    Now, that I'm 19, I can do whatever I want. Mind you, I pay for it myself, and I deal with consequences if there is any. The only thing she asks of me is the common courtesy of letting her know where I'm going, and what time I'll be home.

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