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Thread: Old Baby Powder?

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    Default Old Baby Powder?

    While searching through a closet I found an old container of baby powder. The date says 1985. Is this safe to use, and if so, will it work for its intended purpose?

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    Give it to a museum :-)

    Edit, and thats actually my birth year!
    Double edit, and maybe your parents have it for sentimental reasons

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    Default "Vintage Baby Powder"

    There would be no reason not to use the powder. The only exception would be if some stupid f*ck would buy it as "Vintage" on ebay, like they've done with "vintage" Attends and other adult diapers. I'm sure I've purchased and used obsolete, closeout brands of adult diapers I've found that could have been sold to some "sucker" for $100 on ebay. The whole vintage diaper deal is a pure scam IMO.

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    I don't see why it should work unless it's damp or had mold in it.

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    If it's made with talcum powder, I'd say it's fine... that talc has been around a lot longer than 24 years . If it's corn starch.. then I'm not sure. It might be okay.

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    You would think that baby powder really wont ever go bad

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