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Thread: "Best" Abnormal Listening Selections?

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    Default "Best" Abnormal Listening Selections?

    Alright, simple here, what's your favorite musical group, that doesn't have much to do with what you normally listen to?(Like if you are a metalhead, a country group that you love, Indie music lover listening to rap artist, etc...)

    For me, it's John Prine...who's gonna poke fun at me for that first?

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    I won't, Eulogy!

    I think my favorite "alternative" listening option is Nick Drake. I'm not much of a folk-music fan, but his tunes are haunting and surreal, and I'm swallowed in by them every time I hear them.

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    First off good thread.

    ok I listin to alt/ska punk. So i'd have to say mortorhead.

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    idk, I listen to a huge variety of music so there's nothing that's "abnormal" for me. If I had to choose though, I'd have to say something that's "goth metal" ish, like Lunatica or Nightwish (though I only like Nightwish's instrumental stuff =p )

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    Like with Sila, there's a huge variety in my taste for music, though I don't listen to a lot of hip-hop/rap stuff. I'd probably have to go with Beastie Boys for this one.

    Blues (in it's purer form) is a close second, so Tom Waits gets the silver. Thinking about songs like "Gin Soaked Boy".

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    I hate Green Day but I can't tell you how much I love Longview. But like Sila, my musical tastes are so broad that nothing's that out of the ordinary for me.

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