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Thread: Well, he's finally back!

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    Default Well, he's finally back!

    If unless you have been in a hole for the past 3 years, then we must have all heard at least something about NFL QB Michael Vick. A former 1st Overall Pick from Virginia Tech and 6 year term as a QB in Atlanta where he received a record 10 year 150 million contract to 2 year jailbird charged for dogfighting charges. He is taking the snap for the first time in two years (Now a Philadelphia Eagle) on Thursday in a preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Philadelphia. Once he was one of the most known and observed athlete and now he is seen by many as a ruthless animal killer. Whether you like it or not (I personally do) he is back in the NFL and pledging to make an immediate impact to society and to rebuild his currently tarnished career.

    So, what is your opinion on Michael Vick now?

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    I watched Michael play in every Tech game, as my kids went to Virginia Tech and we are big fans. As everyone here knows, I'm a much bigger dog fan. I don't see how I can ever really forgive M. V. for the ruthless, heartless and vicious way he treated man's best friend. It takes a very sick person to do what he did. To me, he's a sociopath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laram5 View Post
    I Must Have Been In A Hole, Because I've Got No Clue Who He Is. ^.^
    Laram5, you have a good reason for not knowing who he is though; you live in England after all!

    Even though I am a HUGE animal lover myself (like dogboy) and what Vick did was atrociously wrong, I'm kind of glad that he is back. I want to see him do something really good this year, and maybe the Eagles will make it to the playoffs (I have a feeling they will).

    Another thing to note: Vick was raised in a crime-ridden area of Newport News, VA, a community where dog fighting was common, allowed, and to a certain degree, encouraged. Vick grew up with the beliefs that dog fighting was an okay thing to do. Now, by no means am I defending him at all, and what he did was HORRIBLE and wrong (and he should had learned it was wrong by the time he had reached adulthood), but it is interesting to note that that was how he was raised.

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