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Thread: So... Funny Story...

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    Default So... Funny Story...

    I ordered a pack of 14 AbenaAbri-Form X-Plus Fitted Briefs Medium from, right?

    Well... I was at school today, (go school), and when I got home I checked on the shipping details... It said it was delivered. I asked my dad if a package got delivered today, right? He said no, not that he knows of... So I looked at the details a bit more, and found out they put it in our open garage that I purposely left open, (Yay thinking ahead of time), to have them place it in there.

    They did. Status location said it was in the garage. I went in the garage to look for the package... And it was there... However... The box was as big as ME. Seriously. It was at least 5 feet tall, and two feet wide. I also noted that the box was opened somewhat... Leading me to believe my dad saw what was in there.

    Go funky situations, no? Then again, my dad's seen me looking at gay furry porn, me in a skirt, and me in diapers before... So meh. xD

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    that's interesting, but good he doesn't seam to mad about the diaper stuff. i have had a few packages sent to me but never in a box that big. wonder why they did that

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    Who knows. I might take a picture of the box sometime in the future, haha.

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    I will later tonight... When things are a little less monitored. :P

    I still have to lug the damn thing inside, haha.

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    Though seriously, pictures! :3

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    Lol, will get, will get.

    And you guys do know I mean pictures of the box and what's in it... Not me wearing what's in the box.

    You wouldn't want to see that. xD

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    Wait...did it just have a big box or where there alot of diapers..Res is confused.

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    Just a big box.

    There were only 14 diapers inside... Lol.

    However, the box could fit two of me in there. xD

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