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Thread: That guy with the Glasses

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    Default That guy with the Glasses

    My brother showed this to me and wow this guy is nuts, but he's awsome.

    That Guy With The Glasses

    Some of his videos I recommend:
    Drug Cartoon Special

    Pokemon: The Movie

    Top 11 Nostalgic Animated Shows

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    How can you make fun of Pokemon. He's cruel. I also watched the 3 ninjas clip. I loved the 3 ninjas, I don't like him.

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    Default SO worthy of making fun of

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    Only thing notable was the AVGN war...

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    I like Nostalgia Critic, but too many of his joke/pun things just feel too forced and make me just roll my eyes. I prefer the AVGN over him.

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    I watched like half of the pokemon one, and I really just felt like this was some idiot who has nothing better to do than point out obvious flaws in things in a sad attempt to make fun of them.

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    OH MY GOD THIS IS THE GREATEST CRITIC I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! There's this guy, and he watches these movies, and he makes fun of them! .

    His "Star Wars III in 5 seconds made me howl with laughter when I first saw it. My favorite episodes are:

    The adventures of sonic the hedgehog



    The point isn't to bitch about movies that he hates and you love. I loved the Good Burger movie and the review. He could do his style of review with any movie and make it seem terrible, like he does with "Citizen Kane". The point is to direct your hate at something forgettable that you watched as a kid and would have never seen again anyway.

    Oh, and get this: he actually UPDATES!
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    I love Pokemon, and I thought his hate speech review was spot on. The fist movie had no direction the characters lacked real motivation and the ending was contrived. The first move was bad, but later movies learned how to make a great pokemon movie.

    1. Ignore Character
    2. Ignore Plot
    3. Have cute animals bounce around having fun.

    Pokemon 10 (I think that the one with lucario, mew and the tree of life) That movie was nothing but hundreds of pokemon playing with each other and that's why it was good. It played to the strengths of the franchise.

    Watch the TOP11. I was cheering most of the way through.

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