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Thread: Abena X-Plus got thinner

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    Default Abena X-Plus got thinner

    Am I imaging this? I held a new and old one (unused) side to side...and yup, they've lost their thickness apparently!

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    Because of the way diapers are packaged, sometimes certain packs will appear thinner or thicker then other times.

    You could weigh them if you really wanted to know.

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    Is it possible that you're getting this impression because the old one has been out of its bag (or in an opened one) for some time, while the new one was freshly taken out of a new bag? When out of their package, diapers tend to swell up a bit, so it may be because of that...

    Of course this is just my conjecture to exorcise the fear of Abenas getting thinner, which would be a real tragedy!

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    A new diaper fresh out of the pack is considerably thinner than one that has been sitting out exposed to airflow for a considerable period of time.

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    No..I don't think that they are much thinner and I KNOW they are still super absorbent.

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    Butterfly Mage


    They might had added more gel and less fluff. The Molicare Super and the Super Plus are nearly identical in absorption despite the fact that the thinner one is a LOT thinner than the "plus". It's the gel that makes the difference.

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