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    I just ordered a case of the larges, just wondering if anyone has tried these yet? they claim to be just as absorbent as the x-plus for a cheaper price.....we'll see how it goes

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    no one? you can check them out on if you havent seen them....that is where i found out about them....

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    Can't say I've tried them. Must have been recently added to the XP Medical website. Let us know how they are--just as absorbent as an X-plus, same quality, etc. From the product description, it seems as though they just left off the elastic waistband to reduce cost.

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    I never heard of them but will have to try them the next time I order

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    I have em and use them always. They are my absolute favorite. I am using the M2, which is similar to the Super. The '3' series is similar to the extra. Same great quality as Abenas, but cheaper and not so loud (crinkle). I LOVE them, go for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by indiaperdl View Post
    The '3' series is similar to the extra. Same great quality as Abenas, but cheaper and not so loud (crinkle).
    Given that, there's something I don't understand. Prices from XP Medical, size medium:

    Abri-form Extra (M3, 3.5 'drops'): 88 diapers for $80.95 = $0.92 per diaper

    Delta-form (M3, 3.5 'drops'): 60 diapers for $72.95 = $1.22 per diaper

    Am I missing something? If the Delta-form M3 is similar to the Abri-form M3 in absorbency, that means the Delta-form is actually more expensive. Of course, if the Delta-form is more like the X-Plus (M4), it is cheaper, but if not... what gives?

    Also: does anyone know if the Delta-form has a wetness indicator like the Abri-forms? That would actually be an improvement (looks-wise) if it didn't have the wetness indicator. And a blue diaper sounds cool.

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    Yah i'd be interested in a review about these as well. They're cheaper and they claim to be the same product. I still love the extras more than anything though.

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    I think I would like to get some because f the price but I can not have the shiped to my house

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    XP Medical updated their product test/specifications page to include the Delta Form. It is more absorbent than the Extra, but quite as absorbent as the X-Plus. Unlike the Extra, the Delta-Form has wide padding coverage in the wings (similar to the X-Plus). Unfortunately, the Delta is subject to more liquid press-out compared to the X-Plus.

    Here's the spec page: Adult Diaper Review and Testing

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