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Thread: Are you coming to Rainfurrest? BF/LF/AB/DL/TB Party? Roomshares? Please Post!!!

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    Smile Are you coming to Rainfurrest? BF/LF/AB/DL/TB Party? Roomshares? Please Post!!!

    Hi everyfur,

    I was wondering who all from this site are planning on attending rainfurrest ’09, which is one of Washington’s big furry cons, on September 18th, 19th & 20th in SeaTac, Washington state.

    I’m really new to furdom/babyfurdom, and this will be my first ever con, so I thought I would create this thread so we can all see who is planning on attending, help each other with connections and arrangements if needed, and maybe just all meet up and say hi at the con. From the sound of it, there is going to be an estimated 1000 furries expected, and from what I hear quite a few babyfurs. And there is a proposed 21+ babyfur party planned.

    Also, if anyone is interested, or knows about another party, I was thinking (as I’m not 21 yet) maybe we could throw a 18-20+ babyfur party too for all of the under 21’s, and every other babyfur that wants to come, or even just a smaller babyfur or tb/ab/dl party.

    Well all in all, anyone that’s coming, has an ideas, tips, comments, roomshares etc. that wants to post, please do if you are coming! Oh and on the roomshare part, I am still looking to find a room to share, or a few babyfurs that want to get a room and we can split the costs. Thanks everyfur!

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    Hi scout! I'm going to be going! That's soo cool another babyfur in washington!!! this is going to be my first furry convention too and its going to be soo cool not to be the only furry in diapers! We should hang out! And if there is going to be a party for babyfurs under 21 at the hotel I will be there cause im only 18 let me know about the party!

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    I'm not going, but what about TBs? Maybe have an all-ages party?

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    Wow replies!?! Hi everyone, yeah an all ages party would be awesome, that's what I was thinking. Problem is at the momment I don't have a room yet, and once I find a room to share the other furs would have to be okay with a party (another one of the reasons I am trying to find a babyfur friendly room). If you know of a babyfur with a room or you have one at the hotel that we could have the party at that would be awesome! I could bring pop and juice & stuff (I'm thinking a general no alcohol at the party would be a good idea). Maybe we could all bring bottles and serve pop and juice & stuff out of them? Just an idea?

    And I can also bring some snacks! So if anyone has a place where we can have a party on one of the nights please post on here or pm me! And anyone else that is going to be there and wants to go post on here or pm me! Thanks!!!

    If anyone wants to offer a room for an all ages babyfur party at rainfurrest, I would be happy to bring snacks and drinks

    Cool, so babywolfy are you comming to rainfurrest, and would you be interested in comming to the party? And lilfurrian, it sounds like you are comming and would be up for comming to the party?

    I still don't know where it will be yet, (we have to find someone friendly who would want to host it in their hotel room, and I still have yet to find a room)

    Is anyone else on adisc comming to rainfurrest??? I know there is more then 3 babyfurs comming...

    Babywolfy & lilfurrian do you have any babyfur friends that might want to come to the party? Oh also there is a babyfur guy from California I met that is comming up, and want's to have an all ages lunch or dinner and anyone that wants to come is welcome to that too.

    Is there anyone on adisc even going to rainfurrest? They are expecting 1000+ people & furs, and of all of the babyfurs & lilfurs, only 2 maybe 3 people including myself off of adisc are going? really?
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    I really wanted to go, but so far I haven't had a chance to meet anyone else who's going. I didn't want to go by myself and *hope* to meet people there.

    Also, I don't want to go where people think I'm single. I'm not really the touchy/feely kind of guy, I have a b/f already. Going with people would be a lot nicer than showing up by myself and looking for a party to just walk into. I feel awkward introducing myself to a group of people who don't even know me. Having a friend of two to walk in with would make it easier.

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    I'm not fur, but now that I know about it... I'm going to go check it out. I live close enough not to warrant a room though thankfully.

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    Ill definitely be there, I live in Tukwila like 2 miles away from the hotel :P. Just look for either the giant yellow jack daniels fox or the red and black roo partial and say "hi" . That'll be me, just let me know who you are though ^^, theres A LOT of furries out there.

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    You guys never cease to make me jealous :P

    I hate living so far away!

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